Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Since Christmas there has been a lot of lounging around and eating sweets around the McKay household. Aside from trips to the school playground across the street for Lucas and Kevin and my covert missions to the gelato place in North Berkeley, we haven't ventured out much.

Saturday we decided to take advantage of the clear skies and go to Lawrence Hall of Science. They have a very cool Grossology exhibit, most of it was over Lucas' head, but he really got into the pinball machine there.

We just got back from a 24-hour eating fest at my mom's for New Year's day. Last night Kevin and my mom stayed up till almost midnight making wontons for the New Year's party. While they made wontons we watched "Little Miss Sunshine" and had some laughs.

Today the Hendricksons came out to Moraga so Lucas and Owen could run around like wild monkeys, which is exactly what they did, while the rest of us enjoyed a wonderful meal of wonton soup.

Here they are, one of the few times they were both sitting down together, enjoying some of Lori's homemade sugar cookies! They both had 3 cookies, but as Kevin says, what the heck, it's New Year's day!

Speaking of New Year's, I did pretty well on my New Year's resolutions last year, so I will come up with a new list this year, to come in the next few days.

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Anonymous said...

Miles has the same shoes! He loves those things--calls them his "fast shoes."