Monday, January 08, 2007

Sushi with sprinkles

Not wanting to face another night of cheese toast or oatmeal, Lucas and I went out for sushi. Since it was just the two of us, we sat at the bar for a change. Besides being mesmerized by a show on Panda bears that was on TV (did I say this is an authentic sushi restaurant that features Animal Planet?), he was very interested in watching the sushi chef prepare the food.

Lucas loves going for sushi and we ordered some of his favorites: edamame, unagi, and spinach salad (yes, he actually really does love this, or more likely the sweet miso dressing that they drench the spinach with).

All of a sudden Lucas pointed to something the chef was making and said, "I want that thing with the orange sprinkles!"
I wasn't sure if he could finish a whole thing of rolls, so I asked for one order of tobiko, aka the "sprinkles", which comes on top of two small beds of rice, each piece wrapped in seaweed. Lucas was probably able to discern right away that it was different than the sprinkles you put on a cupcake, but he loved it anyway. He ended up shovelling it into his mouth with a spoon. The sushi chef was very pleased with Lucas' enthusiasm for sushi.

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Anonymous said...

That's funny. Connor would freak out about eating tobiko. He's actually said lately that he hates science because you learn all kinds of gross stuff (like words like "esophagus" and "intestines").