Sunday, June 10, 2007

Day at the Discovery Museum

Lucas and I spent about 6 hours at the Discovery Museum in Sausalito on Friday. God I love that place!

We had some time alone at first. We spent most of this time outside, on the boat.

Soon we were joined by my friend Christina and her 1-year old twins. At first Lucas kind of ignored them, but when we were in the TotSpot, Lucas was having fun hiding from Sela, then laughing and hiding again when she would find him.

As luck would have it, as they were leaving, we ran into one of Lucas' friends from school, and spent the rest of the afternoon with them. Lucas enjoyed being in the art room, painting a little bit on the windows, but really going to town with the water bottle, spraying the window and washing it. As he proclaimed when we left, "Mommy, I think I'll be a window washer when I grow up!"

By the time we left, we were stuck in the late afternoon commute.

Lucas does not care for long car rides. Usually after about 15 minutes, he starts getting antsy.
We sat in traffic for quite a bit and Lucas was getting anxious, he kept asking, "where are we?" and "when are we going to be home?".
As we were about a minute away from home, Lucas asked what the bear flag was for? I looked to where he was pointing, next to the US flag in front of the local library. I told him it was the California flag.

Lucas said, "Oh, so that's where we are! In California, in the United States." He seemed relieved.

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