Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Playdate for papas

We had a nice Father's Day here at the McKay household. Lucas and I got Kevin an outdoor grill, which is something he's wanted for more than a year now (grill won't be here till 7/5). And we had a nice lunch at Sea Salt restaurant in Berkeley and meandered around Berkeley Horticultural Nursery.

Then late afternoon Kevin got a call from Jeff, who is married to one of the moms in my moms group. He invited Kevin out for an evening movie, Oceans 13.

Kevin went and met Jeff at the theater. Jeff snuck in some beers. It was just like high school.

Kevin came home around 10:30. He was a little loud opening/closing the door and creeping in, in general. I asked how many beers he'd had. Just one. It was just like high school.

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