Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"Take My Picture" day

As I've mentioned before, lately Lucas has been shy about getting his picture taken. But not today. So here's a gratuitous collection of Lucas photos.
Out in the backyard, Lucas took a break from his chalk art to refresh himself with some orange juice.

I steamed some salmon and prepared a salmon spinach salad with tomatoes and avocado. I prepped Lucas, letting him know we were going to try different things for dinner from now on. He ate most of it without complaints, including the spinach!

(Of course, I ended the day with another gaffe with my eating plan. Kevin informed me that the balsamic vinegar includes refined sugar. Oh well, at least the boy ate spinach!!)

Post-bath, I wrapped a towel around Lucas' head. He got a kick out of looking at his reflection, but asked me to take a picture so he could see what he looks like with his eyes closed.
Just a funny photo to end the day! He looks like a really cute q-tip, don't you think?

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alison f said...

He so handsome!

Get that kid an agent!