Sunday, June 03, 2007

The joys of youth

After viewing this YouTube video, Lucas (and Kevin and I) were so excited to see this carnivorous plant exhibit at the SF Conservatory of Flowers.

While it was nice to be in the Conservatory again for the firs time in many years, the actual Chomp exhibit was a disappointment. I thought there would be live demonstrations of bugs getting eaten by these meat-eating plants. Or maybe interactive exhibits for the little ones. At least plants that Lucas could look at without me having to pick him up. I was wrong on all counts, despite the kid-friendly marketing from the usually elegant and sophiticated Conservatory.
There was one table with venus fly traps and magnifying glasses that held Lucas' attention for about a minute.The real fun for Lucas came after we left the Conservatory. Even though the skies were gray and drizzly, Lucas found a lot to enjoy.

Then we heard a flute-like music playing a ways off. We ventured through a grove of trees and there was a man standing by himself playing the flute. Something in the music must have inspired Lucas, but he just wanted to run in the wide grassy area and move to the music.

The last time I enjoyed stomping through puddles was in college when my friends and I walked home from the local sports bar. There were at least five of us and we sang and stomped in the puddles the whole way down fraternity row, back to our sorority house.

The good old days!

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