Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just say "no"

I was thinking of doing this 5-day cleanse program, but decided not to for two main reasons:
1) It was expensive. More than $100 a day for food and liquid that sounded, well, disgusting.
2) I saw the pre-cleanse instructions on what to avoid the week before you do the program and thought, "The pre-cleanse will be a challenge in itself."

So here is the list of things I have sworn off of until Saturday morning. I know it's not 5 days, but for me, it's a good start.

The Big Ban
Alcohol - not a problem, as I'm not a big drinker anyway
Caffeine - problematic because of my hot chocolates
All GMO foods - not much of a problem, since I'll just pay more attention to labels
Heated oils - problematic because I cooking using oils
Red meats - not a problem unless I plan on going to In and Out
Non-organic animal flesh - not a problem because I buy our "animal flesh" from El Cerrito Natural Grocery
White flour products: pasta, bread - definitely a problem
Hydrogenated fats and preservatives - not too problematic
Refined sugars - definitely a problem
Dairy- milk cheeses - another big problem since I love cheese
Fried foods - not a problem

I ran into a little snafu already this morning at Toot Sweets where Lucas and I went for some oatmeal. I put in some brown sugar, not thinking it was a refined sugar, it's just a sugar. But Kevin let me know later that this was a no-no. My friend who is doing this too asked if cottage cheese was really cheese.

Kevin's response...
For the record you guys are the trickiest dieters ever. "Is brown sugar sugar?", "Is cottage cheese cheese?" Both in the same morning... You guys must have hatched from the same egg.

Wish me luck!

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