Sunday, July 23, 2006

Action-packed weekend with the mad scientist

We are still getting good mileage out of the birthday balloons from last weekend. Some have lost some of their loft, but they make for an excellent game of "Keep-it-up".

Lucas keeps pretty busy with his two Bug Vacuums that he got for his birthday. He has 6 bug jugs now. And he loves to collect bugs. Today I asked him, "What happened to that spider that was in that big bug jug?" He said, "I don't know, maybe he escaped." Lucky me!

This morning, I took Lucas to see one of Rocky's soccer games on Treasure Island. He was a little disappointed when we got there and Rocky was playing on the field. He said, "Uncle Rocky, let's play soccer." I explained that he was playing with his team and that he would play with him after the game was over. In the mean time, Kimberley and I played with him. It was cooler out on Treasure Island than in Albany, though it was still pretty warm. But everyone had a great time.

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