Monday, July 10, 2006

Lucas remembers the empanada

After Lucas' bath, I always ask him how he wants me to wrap him up in his towel: emapanda, burrito, or enchilada. (Lucas has had his share of Mexican food between almost weekly trips to Picante and visits to Bette's for their empanadas) The actual wrap is always the same, but he loves giving different responses every time.

Last night, he said "empanada". So I wrapped him up and then he gave me his explanation of an empanada.

Lucas: Remember at Owen's party, they had an empanada, remember that?
Me: At Owen's party, did we have empanadas?
Lucas: The empanada hanging from the tree and everyone hit it with a bat and the treats fell out, remember that?

Me: I think that was a pinata.
Lucas: Oh, then what's an empanada?

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