Friday, July 21, 2006

Selective listening

Lucas barely listens to me (at least it seems that way), yet he takes what other people say as law.

The other day, he struck up this conversation with me out of the blue.

Lucas: Lucas Mendoza's daddy is a dentist. He said you shouldn't eat candy because it will rot your teeth and they will all fall out.
Me: Yep, that's right. Candy will rot your teeth.
Lucas: When I go to grammy's house, she gives me M&Ms and candy.
Me: She does (acting shocked)?
Lucas: Yes, I have to tell her not to do that anymore!
Me: You better tell her that.

Then yesterday, there was a graduation at Lucas' school, followed by a family potluck. The teachers gave goody bags to all the kids, and there were Smarties in there. Lucas put one in his mouth.

Lucas: Uh oh, I'm eating candy. Lucas Mendoza's dad is over there and he said if I eat candy my teeth will rot.
Me: Well, it's already in your mouth. What should you do?
Lucas: Maybe I'll go ask him.
Me: Good idea.

Of course, when we got to Dr. Mendoza, Lucas said, "You ask him."

Me: Lucas has candy in his mouth and he's worried that his teeth will fall out.
Louie (aka Lucas Mendoza's dad): Hmmm, I guess if it's already in your mouth, just make sure you brush your teeth really well tonight.
Lucas: Okay.

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