Monday, July 17, 2006

Kicking off Lucas' birthday celebration

Lucas turned 3 this past weekend. And while our general philosophy is to not go overboard with buying things, we like to spread out birthdays and really make them last.
Earlier in the week we started discussing the upcoming weekend's activities. Lucas also had his own ideas.
- I want to have a "picnic at the beach". (We fully intended to do this on Saturday, but he ended up wanting to stay home pretty much all day, until we went to Grandma Kay's for his family birthday dinner.)
- I wish Desert Dave (The reptile guy we hired for his party, more on him later) would bring a scorpion as big as our house.
- For my birthday party I want cupcakes, pizza, chocolate chip cookies, cake and ice cream. (He got all five, albeit, spread out over three days)
We officially kicked off his birthday celebration on Saturday night at Grammy's house. Grandma Trudy made ribs and Grammy made the side dishes and the applesauce cake. And of course, there were the presents (various planes and cars, swords, and a "cool" watch).
Kevin’s parents read a nice heartfelt poem about their love for Lucas. Lucas responded by methodically ripping open his gifts. I guess there will be time for his “softer side” to come out later.
Lucas and Kevin battling it out. Lucas' outfit is complete with his tighty-whities.
"Luke, I am your father."

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