Friday, July 07, 2006

I LOVE Thai food!

Lucas used to say, "I love..." or "I don't like..." fill in the food, somewhat at random, or mostly just whether he was in a good or not-so-good mood.

But I really think he does have a preference for Thai food. Like today, we were in North Berkeley and I suggested going to the Chicken Place (aka Le Poulet), he said, "No mommy, I want Thai food." Luckily there was a Thai place across the street.

Lucas also knows how it works in a restaurant:
- He even took charge and ordered. "I want some chicken on-a-stick (satay)."
- When the waitress asked if we wanted brown or white rice, Lucas replied, "I want both. I want lots of brown rice AND white rice."
- Lucas doesn't like ice in his water. With his original glass, I asked for "no ice". But when the waitress came by to refill his water glass with the iced pitched, he let her know in no uncertain terms, "I don't want ice in my water. Take it out."

Thai restaurants in general have a lot to keep kids entertained. While waiting for our food, we walked through the restaurant. I pointed out the dragons and other ornamental animals throughout the restaurant.

In addition to our chicken "on-a-stick" we also got chicken and greenbeans. Lucas loved the little side salad of pickled cucumbers. Throughout our dinner he said at least 5 times, "Mommy, I love Thai food." Even with his somewhat surly demands, his enthusiasm for Thai food made the waitress happy. I hope his hearty appetite and the healthy tip compensated for the small mess of rice left on the floor.

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