Sunday, July 30, 2006

Kite fest - we finally made it!

Every year since we've been in Berkeley, even pre-Lucas, we've been wanting to go to the July Kite Festival down at the Berkeley Marina.

And today we finally made it. It was everything we all expected and so much more. We saw kite teams, yes, teams of people who worked together to get either one huge kite off the ground, or a group of kites to move together to music, kind of like synchronized swimming but with kites.
Lucas made his first foray into the world of end-of-the-day porta potties. As he recounted his experience in substandard sanitation to Kevin, "Who left their pooh there? It's gross."

Given the huge crowd at the Marina, we had to park far away. The boats along the marina provided a good distraction and the walk didn't seem so long on the way to see the kites. On the way back, there was a mini melt-down, so I walked ahead, got the car and came back to retrieve Kevin and Lucas. But overall, the outing was a big hit.

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