Saturday, July 29, 2006

Lucas on death

Lucas: You know mommy, my plant outside died.
Me: Yes, we forgot to water it.
Lucas: If you don't give plants enough water they will die.
Me: Yes, they will.
Lucas: And trees and flowers and bushes.
Lucas: And sometimes ants will die too. And spiders and bugs and roly-polys and lizards and ladybugs and mosquito hawks and butterflies and...
Me: All living things will die at some point.
Lucas: Yeah, sometimes, things die.
Me: Actually, all living things will die.
Lucas: Like animals, and cats and elephants and camels and alligators...
Me: How about Maggie, will she die?
Lucas: No, she's our family.

I didn't know where to take the conversation here, so I did what a lot of parents probably do, I changed the subject.

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