Saturday, August 19, 2006

The "cousin" party

All week Lucas has been so excited about the "cousin" party, which took place last night.

My cousins Cathy and Carolyn were in town along with their kids: At left, Hana (8), Cassidy (10), Connor (7), and Jake (7). They were staying with their cousin, Benny, his wife Bonnie and their son Jared (7), not pictured. My mom had them all over for dinner last night.

Aside from the general ruckus that comes with having 6 kids in one place between the ages of 3-10, here are some highlights from the evening.

Soccer - Lucas was not intimidated in the least. He loved running around and falling on the ground trying to get the ball.

Yummy Korean dinner, cupcakes, cookies, and more cookies.

Jumping on the Bed Contest - Kevin had this great idea to tire out the kids by initiating a contest to see who could jump on the bed the longest. Connor was the winner, that's him on the left. It kind of looks like he was pasted up there.
Elf Relations - Hana and Cassidy started putting lamb's ears on their ears. Pretty soon, everyone was doing it. Here you see Joe and Milan sporting their elf ears. Milan is sending messages to the alien spaceship in the sky.

Throughout the evening, the cousins would yell, "DOGPILE", and they'd all pile on top of each other. Even Lucas got in on this cousin bonding ritual.After 5 hours of playing with his cousins, one cupcake, two cookies, Lucas finally went to bed at 10:30. We were all exhausted, but happy.

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