Thursday, August 31, 2006

Family getaway

We rented a house at Stinson Beach for a few days. Lucas loved the ocean. The house was about 5 houses away from the sand. When we got there, Lucas ran toward the water saying, "Let's go in the water. Let's go in the water." about 20 times before his feet got wet. He was giddy with excitement as he ran to and from the waves.

His partner in crime was his trusty stick. He said it was for pushing the water back.
Monday and Tuesday morning, Lucas wanted to go to the beach right when he woke up. Here we are taking a nap on the deck after a big day of splashing around. There was a nice hot tub on the deck too, which Lucas liked splasing around in. The house itself was a little grimy, but being 5 houses away from the sand, we couldn't complain.

The best thing was just spending time with each other. No computer and no other distractions.

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