Friday, August 11, 2006

Things I like to do (sans Lucas)

I am deviating from my usual favorite topic: Lucas. Instead, this one's about me.

A while ago, Whitney challenged me to make a list of at least 50 things I like to do just for myself. I chose to put things in the list that were really just for me, not Lucas or Kevin. I just re-found the list and was going over it.

It's 2:30 in the morning and I can't sleep, so instead of actually doing any of them, I'm just going to post the list here. They're alphabetized, because that's one of the things I like to do, is put order to some things in my life. (I need to add that to my list)

Aside from drinking hot chocolate which I do just about every day, there are a number of things I haven't done in a long long time. I'm going to start knocking some of these things off my list, with the goal of checking off everything in this list by end of the year, or maybe end of next year.

Baking cookies
Doing the Berkeley Eco-Challenge (Walking from North Berkeley up to Tilden, the Tilden loop, and back again - haven't done it in years)
Drinking hot chocolate with extra chocolate
Drinking Jack Daniels with Coke
Drinking mojitos
Drinking water
Eating dark chocolate
Eating ginger cookies
Eating ice cream or gelato (Sketch, Naia, or other little places)
Eating oatmeal chocolate chip cookes
Eating semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies
Eating snickerdoodles
Eating sushi
Explore new areas of the east bay
Explore new parks of the east bay
Going out to restaurants
Going to book readings
Going to or hosting dinner parties
Going to the dog park
Going to the movies
Listening to music
Looking through photo albums
Meeting friends out for dinner
Playing blackjack with low stakes
Playing Boggle
Playing chess
Playing regular charades
Playing Running Charades
Playing Scrabble
Playing Taboo
Playing tennis
Putting things in order (not everything, just things like photos and recipes)
Read trashy Hollywood magazines (People, InStyle, Vanity Fair)
Reading friends' blogs
Reading good biographies
Reading good books
Shopping for cards (any cute little card store)
Shopping for groceries (Berkeley Natural Grocery, Berkeley Bowl, Trader Joe's, Andronicos)
Shopping for tennis shoes and warm and comfy workout clothes with hoods
Shopping for toys for Lucas (The Ark, Five Little Monkeys, Mr. Mopps, Rockridge Kids)
Shopping in bookstores (Cody's, Pegasus, Diesel)
Shopping in clothes stores (Anthropologie, Banana Republic - hooded sweaters, coats, jackets, blue jeans)
Shopping online
Surfing the internet
Talking with friends
Trading gossip about famous people
Walking by myself
Walking in the rain
Walking with friends
Watching Mafia movies (Godfathers 1, 2, Goodfellas, Once Upon a Time in America, On the Waterfront)
Watching movies with my favorite actors (young Marlon Brando, Robert DeNiro, Ed Norton, Sean Penn, Brad Pitt)
Watching really good sports movies (Hoosiers, Friday Night Lights, The Natural, and others)
Watching really sad movies that make me cry (The Champ, Beaches, and others)
Writing in my blog


Whitney said...

Can I be there when you start drinking Jack and Coke again?

Heather said...

Mine's alphabetized too. Right on.