Sunday, August 06, 2006

A few peaceful moments, amid a not so peaceful weekend

On Friday, a couple canker sores cropped up in Lucas' mouth. And boy, is he CRANKY! His main modes of communication have been whining, yelling, and now we've added a new word to his vocabulary, "snivelling".

I can't blame him, all the things he really loves eating are off-limits now - pistachios, tangerines, peanut butter, ketchup, and the like. So not only does his mouth hurt, but I think he's just hungry. Though we now have him on a diet of oatmeal and ice cream, so how much can he really complain?

We had him swish around salt water in his mouth and even put the awful-tasting stuff on the sores. Those remedies work, but only for a little bit.

These canker sores even keep him from getting a good night sleep. Last night I was in his room with him because he wasn't falling asleep. For about 5 hours, I stayed there, getting kicked, yelled at, pushed, and head-butted, for no apparent reason, except that I was there. At about 3am, Kevin took over and had the same experience.

As one of my friends once said about living with a toddler, "It's kind of like living with a mean drunk."

We've had a few peaceful moments. We went to Sketch Ice Cream and Cody's on Saturday, that kept him happy and he forgot about his mouth for a while.

Then this morning, after a lousy night sleep, Lucas fell asleep as I was holding him in the glider chair. I haven't held him like that since he was a little guy. It was nice.But he is heavy. It was much easier when he was 15 or even 20 pounds. But cradling a 35+ pound kid is hard work. After an hour, I reluctantly transitioned him to our bed, where he slept for another hour.

Now that I see the picture, it looks kind of ridiculous and totally out of proportion.

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