Wednesday, August 23, 2006

SAHM - 2 day stint

Lucas is off school for these next two weeks and my mom is sick with the flu. So I was able to reprise my role as stay-at-home mom, for two days. Since it's impossible to try and work from home with Lucas around, we made the most of our two days. We went out and did things that are too crowded and hectic for normal weekends.

Monday we went to the zoo. We saw the cool, but somewhat spooky fruit bats, saw some other animals and rode the rides.
Then on Tuesday, we braved a BART ride into SF to ride cable cars to Fisherman's Wharf with Lori and Owen.

We waited 1/2 hour for the cable car. Owen and Lucas entertained themselves, and others, with a little kung-fu fighting. They enjoyed listening to the man singing and playing the harmonica, "You can have my woman, but don't take my wine." We gave him a couple bucks for the child-friendly lyrics.

The man liked his captive audience. When he was done, he said to the boys, "You guys are great! FANTASTIC!"

Lucas loved the cable car ride. That was when he was most quiet the entire day. He also got to experience one of those public self-cleaning public restrooms. Lucas pointed to something in the toilet and said, "Look mommy, somebody left their pooh there." However, my standards are not so high - the restroom totally exceeded my expectations in terms of cleanliness.

We walked into the Rainforest Cafe for a late lunch (past 1pm). Luckily there was enough eye candy in the themed store to keep the boys entertained for the 1/2 hour wait for lunch. To me it was like a subset of Disneyland - the kid-friendliness, freaky characters, and blatant attempt to get people to buy, supersize and buy some more. Luckily Lori and I escaped just having to pay for over-priced meals and little Rainforest Cafe cups (which were supersized to us for $1.99 when we ordered the food).

At the outset of our trip, I commented to Lori how these two never get into fights. Of course, once I said it, they got into a couple minor skirmishes over things like sharing a window on the cable car, being able to sit next to the gorilla in the restaurant, you know, normal kid things. But they would fight for less than 20 seconds and then go back to being good friends again.

We were out with the boys for a good six hours! It was somewhat trying, ultimately exhausting, but really really fun (but don't ask me why I'm blogging at 1:20 in the morning)!

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Whitney said...

The upselling at the Rainforest cafe is ridiculous. I remember being there in Las Vegas and they try to persuade you to order one thing off of every page in the menu by giving you an "orientation" to the menu and then asking you which of the $9.00 fruity cocktails you would like to start with. My family all felt totally obligated to name an item on the page.