Saturday, November 04, 2006

Coincidence or karma?

Maggie and I went for a walk this morning. As we were walking under a huge tree something fell from the tree and hit Maggie on the head. She let out a little scream. Believe it or not, she has kind of a high-pitched scream, like a little girl. (I would have paid good money to have captured this moment on video).

It was an apple. I looked up to see if we were walking under an apple tree, but no. What I saw was a squirrel looking down at us. Maggie didn’t see the squirrel, or she would have freaked, she loves to chase squirrels.

Was it just a coincidence that this squirrel happened to drop an apple on Maggie’s head, or was it karma? Payback for all the squirrels Maggie has chased in her life, and the time when Kevin caught her gnawing on a squirrel.

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