Thursday, November 02, 2006

Trick or treat!

Our Halloween festivities began on Sunday night when Kevin and Lucas carved pumpkins. Lucas didn't actually carve, but he directed and approved the designs. His main job was to get the pumpkin seeds and stuff out of the pumpkins.

To get a photo where they're both looking at the camera, I quickly said, "Look at that ghost behind me!" Lucas looked, as did Kevin, and I got the same look from both of them.

Kevin caught onto my trick, but Lucas was still looking for the ghost.

Here we are, a couple of trick or treaters, ready to take to the streets in hopes of hitting it big! Lucas was so excited at the prospect of the candy he would collect, he didn't even protest when I put on his hat. Of course, it helped that I positioned it as a "skull cap", which of course, all scary skeletons wear.

We met up with the Hendricksons. Lucas and Owen had a great time running from house to house and checking out their goods.

We saw lots of kids (and adults) in some pretty cool costumes. But this kid was my favorite, you can see him on the left, Captain Underpants!! And check out that big eye in the window, that was one of my favorite Halloween decorations.

After more than an hour and circling the block we were done. He must have been pretty exhausted because he readily agreed to go home. Lucas had a good time handing out candy to the kids who came by. When there were lulls in the trick or treaters, he would stand at the window and look for them.

Lucas woke up the next morning and asked if we could go trick or treating again.

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