Monday, November 20, 2006

Lucas goes off-road

My mom was very eager to see Lucas ride his bike. He rode really fast around the church parking lot by her house. Not being a bike-rider herself, she was so proud watching him ride so easily and confidently. He assumed his relatively new "speed demon" position, where he kind of crouches down and pedals as fast as he can.

Then we hit the bike trail. Aside from the short sidewalk ride from our house to the Marin school, this was the first time Lucas rode somewhere other than the playground. Rocky got a good workout as he ran alongside Lucas as he zipped expertly on the flat parts of the trail. Kevin, my mom and I were content to keep a more leisurely pace.

I had been talking up the bike trail to Lucas, letting him know that it takes more than sheer speed to ride on the bike trail - he needed to apply fine-tune steering and braking. Though Lucas is quite the speed demon he is also pretty cautious. He did a great job with the steering, but still needs some work using the brakes. There are some pretty steep hills on the trail, which Lucas chose to walk up and down.

Part of the bike trail has a little off-roading path. Kevin and Rocky took Lucas on this section. He was a natural!

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