Monday, November 20, 2006

Weekend at grammy's

This weekend we went to grammy's house. My mom was in Korea for two months, which seemed like a long time.

After the initial welcome, everyone settled into their regular patterns at my mom's. My mom cooked a much-awaited Korean meal and played with Lucas and Milan, Wonny and Joe watched the USC-Cal football game, Lucas played with his toys and his baby cousin, Milan sat in her little Bumbo seat and enjoyed looking at everyone, Kevin went off "the program" and ate a ton of yummy Korean food (and brie and ice cream) and I just kind of puttered around the house. And Rocky came late, as he usually does.

Lucas was very sweet and gentle with Milan. I was reading books to her and if the book fell down (which frequently happens when trying to read to a 6-month-old) Lucas would pick it up and give it back to me. Lucas cleaned out his big wagon so he and Milan could ride around in it. And even though she was about to go to sleep, Milan got to enjoy the wagon as I pulled them around the house a little. Both kids had a great time! See Milan's smile?

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