Thursday, November 23, 2006

Design ideas

Once again, Lucas is dabbling in design. He has lots of ideas on how to design for the holidays, and general ideas for incorporating more design elements into our home.

- We were eating at the counter at TootSweets, Lucas' favorite local cafe, when we saw one of those pimped out trucks drive by. It was white red flames painted on the side. Lucas said, "Mommy, we should paint our Volvo like that car. Wouldn't that be cool?" I replied, "Yes, that would be exciting for our Volvo."

- Lucas was looking at his Bones of Fred McFee Halloween costume. Lucas said, "Next time it's Halloween, we should hang it on the door so everyone knows it's Halloween."

- While driving in the car, "We should hang cameras from the inside of our car. Then people will know that we have cameras." Yes, just the thing to get our car broken into.

- When I showed Lucas some of the holiday decorations I bought he said, "Mommy, let's put them all on our window so people will know Christmas is coming."

Decorating for the holidays will definitely be fun this year.

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