Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Prolific artist

Lucas never really showed much interest in coloring/drawing. We would get art projects from school, whichI attributed it to peer pressure, it was probably what all the kids were doing at the time. But that all changed last week.

Lucas has been coloring, drawing, and making his art projects non-stop. Literally. He doesn't want to stop, not even for meals.

Lucas' art has gone beyond coloring and drawing into what I call multi-media art forms. The most popular form being stickers and tape - scotch and packing tapes specifically. I'm sure he would love masking tape and duct tape if we had some around. He's really into taping pieces of paper together, like this.

Then we were cutting things out of catalogs and magazines and Lucas taped them on a piece of paper, into what I thought would be a single-layer collage. But he just kept taping things on top of other things, adding stickers and more and more layers. (You can't even really see all the layers in this picture.)He took his paper to my mom's house for Thanksgiving to show her. I thought it would end there and we could start on a new piece of paper, but I was wrong.

I spent probably a good hour cutting out paper letters and shapes and he would just tape them over the other ones. I would ask if he wanted a new piece of paper, but he politely declined and said he already had a piece of paper.
This paper currently weighs probably half a pound. There's so much paper and tape on this thing.

In a creative writing class at USC, my professor said that real artists have a difficult time calling something final. He said that once he edited one of his short stories more than 300 times!

I'm eager to see what this paper looks like when Lucas finally calls it final. But at this rate, I'm not sure when that will happen.

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