Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Mystery of Happy Yoyo

A couple months back Lucas began asking me to tell him stories about Happy Yoyo. The only thing I knew was that he was a giant.

I scoured the Internet to find out more about Happy Yoyo. I found some board books on Amazon.com about a dog named Yoyo. I thought this was it for sure. But when I asked Lucas about this, he was very adamant that Happy Yoyo was a giant, not a dog. And that sometimes Happy Yoyo was a little scary. So I was pretty sure that I could eliminate this Yoyo.

On one of my mom's group dinners, I talked about my search for Happy Yoyo and Eowyn said, "Oh, he means Abiyoyo! I love that book. It's based on a South African folk story."

So this weekend we went to the bookstore and we bought Abiyoyo. It came with an audio CD which I played on the way home. Lucas was entranced and laughed out loud listening to the CD. When the giant, Abiyoyo, is introduced as having smelly feet, Lucas says, "Mommy I can smell his feet from here." When I ask what they smell like, he says "Rotten bananas".

So since we got the book he wants to hear it in the car, he wants to read it at night before bed, and he wants me to sing the Abiyoyo lullaby while he goes to sleep. At first he told me that I wasn't singing it right, but I think he's figured out that I'm just not a good singer and hasn't corrected me much since then.

But I'm still searching for Cuddle Mavel, one of the train friends of Thomas. If anyone has a clue, let me know.

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